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A 2014 update to many Adobe CC applications is here, bringing new features, and evolving others. Spent the morning at Park West today as a guest during their 2014 World Tour stop in Chicago. Roughly three hours of energized presentations from Adobe evangelists including Terry White and Paul Trani. Also with a presentation was a featured guest speaker, designer Chuck Anderson of NoPattern. While the Adobe evangelists packed plenty of informative demos and technical talks during their sessions, it was great to hear Chuck's story and view a reel of his awesome work – taking the tools out the mix for a bit, to focus in on real world experience and inspiration.

A few of of my favorite and/or memorable updates…

  • New landing page upon login, unified integration with Typekit, Kuler, and Behance.
  • Better shared file font resolves with Typekit
  • Kuler iPhone app to capture the colors from the world around you, with automatic desktop sync to Photoshop (with plugin)
  • Photoshop: Spin Blur and Path Blur
  • New selection method > Focus Area. Loved this! My favorite surprise.
  • Illustrator: Pen tool ghost preview
  • InDesign: Swatch group folders
  • InDesign: Fixed layout option for ePubs
  • Muse: Ground-up renovation. 64-bit application
  • Muse: In-browser (basic) editing regardless of host
  • Photoshop: 3D Printing
  • InDesign: Table reorder *Applause*

“Almost ashamed you’re clapping for something that Excel has done since 1990.” – Terry White

Adobe Event Swag

Overall, I've been happy with the Creative Cloud subscription model. As a media designer building across various mediums, having access to the entire arsenal of Adobe tools is a huge benefit. Keeping up to date throughout the year, integrations with Behance and Typekit, and the ability to install on a Mac and PC (which to my surprise I needed to do recently!) are just a few of the notable benefits from my own experience. That being said, still hoping for an updated comeback to CS review!

I hope to take dive into digital publishing, and again take advantage of CC with DPS single-apps. While I remain cautious of Muse websites, the inclusion of hosting for five in CC, has me considering expanding a couple print projects to the web. For those who only use Photoshop, whether professionally or as a hobby, also a welcome announcement was the removal of "limited-time offer" on the $9.99/month Photoshop + Lightroom subscription.